Jouer – A Gallery Cafe in Sau Wa Fong

Tucked away in a hidden corner at Sau Wa Fong in Wan Chai, you will find an artisanal cafe – Jouer, which literally means “play” in French. The idea of combining a gallery-style cafe and lifestyle concept retail store introduces a space where sells not only home product and accessories, but also some east-meets-west French pastry and drinks to be served.

The new menu includes some savoury options such as English scones, mushroom tarts and leek & asparagus quiche; whereas their desserts are need not to be mentioned.

Naked layered cakes are available in baby-size for two which is perfect for us to tried all three flavors. From raspberry lemonade, s’mores and banoffee, the banoffee is my favourite because it is layered with chocolate crunch and sticky caramel, whereas the s’mores is generously topped with burnt mini marshmallow. However, the raspberry lemonade seems lacking some butteriness and a pronounced flavor.

Renowned for their housemade macarons, they feature a few special flavors each month. There are European-inspired foie gras, French blue cheese, tarte tatin and French onion soup; my favourite is no doubt the Asian-inspired Hong Kong milk tea.

Given the fact that Jouer’s owner loves cocktails, their drinks are so beautifully displayed. Together with such homey affairs, it is a definite aesthetic pleasure here.

Jouer Patisserie


Summer Specials


Baby Asparagus, Leeks and Gruyere Quiche, Mushroom Tart

S’mores, Banoffee, Raspberry Lemonade

Baby Cake For Two

Naked Layered Cakes

Foie Gras & Sauternes, Fourme D’ Ambert & Quince, Tarte Tatin, French Onion Soup, Dark Chocolate Bourbon Caramel, Hong Kong Milk Tea

Oolong Grapefruit Soda, S’mores Smoothie, Avocado Lemon Tea

Address: G/F, 1 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai
Telephone: 2528 6577
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-19:30
Website: /


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