Aroma Dessert Cafe – I Want It Fluffier!

It is a lazy Wednesday afternoon when me and my friend explore the other side of Tsuen Wan – Hau Tei Square. We come to the newly opened Aroma Dessert Cafe, a recently popped up souffle pancake cafe where also offers other sorts of desserts such as waffle, molten lava cake, mille feuille at this simple, chic and warm environment.

On the menu is a seasonal matcha pancake that looks pretty attractive but then we end up getting a white peach pancake with yakult ice cream and yogurt. The two stacks of souffle pancakes are freshly made, so thick and soft, but honestly it ain’t as fluffy as the one I tried at Pan de Pain. It is served with some slices of sweet Japanese peach, sweetened whipped cream and caramel sauce for embellishments.

The parfait is basically everything that capture the heart of a chocoholic. It combines chocolate ice cream, chocolate macarons, fresh banana slices, two generous layers of whipped cream and milo cereal at the bottom. It is topped with an exceptional mini lava cake, and I particularly like the caramelized almond on the side.

This place is alright for a simple dessert break, and make sure you don’t come too early because they open at late afternoon.

Aroma Dessert Cafe

Dessert Menu

Pancake with White Peach & Yogurt
山形縣白桃厚 Pancake 伴純乳酪

Souffle Pancake

Japanese White Peach

Chocolate Parfait with Mini Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Macaron, Fresh Banana, Caramelized Almond, Whipped Cream
朱古力雪糕, 朱古力馬卡龍, 香蕉,  焦糖杏仁, 忌廉

Mini Chocolate Lava Cake, Milo Cereal
朱古力芭迷你心太軟, 美祿可可球

Chocolate Cookie Smoothie, Green Tea Smoothie
朱古力曲奇沙冰, 綠茶沙冰

The Bill

Aroma Dessert Cafe
Address: Shop 42, G/F, Iau Keung Building, 38-46 Hau Tel Square, Tsuen Wan
Telephone: 6433 7787
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 15:00-18:30, 19:30-23:00


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