Smoked Tamago 煙燻玉子燒 x InTaste 燃味棧 – Tsuen Wan Hau Tei Square

On the other side of Lo Tak Court (i.e. 路德圍) in Tsuen Wan, it is Hau Tei Square where you can also find many street food such as the one that particularly worth a mention – Smoked Tamago. It sells my favourite food on earth –  tamagoyaki, offering limited but interesting choices from savoury versions such as original and sakura shrimp, to sweet version such as brown sugar, caramelized apple and purple sweet potato!

So basically it is made by rolling together several thin layers of grilled egg to form a fluffy and delicate omelette. We got each of us a seaweed mentaiko and cheese with black truffle. The former one is filled with a generous serving of mentaiko filling, pretty salty but well balanced by the sweet and fluffy egg; whereas the latter one has an excellent truffle aroma, the egg is sweeter and so delicate!

The next door is InTaste, where sells some barbecue wraps. Ours is a grilled shrimp, made fresh upon order, with a whole lots of Thousand Island dressing and fresh lettuce. It was pretty filling too.

Smoked Tamago

Smoked Tamago

Tamago Flavors

Sakura Shrimps

Brown Sugar, Mashed Purple Yam
黑糖玉子燒, 紫薯玉子燒

Seaweed Mentaiko

Seaweed Mentaiko

Cheese & Black Truffle


The Bill

Tomato + Lettuce Shrimp Wrap, Thousand Island Dressing
蝦肉烤卷, 千島醬

Smoked Tamago 煙燻玉子燒
Address: Shop B3, G/F, Block B, Wah Shing Bldg, 80-84 Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 16:30-21:30 ; Sat-Sun 15:00-21:30

InTaste 燃味棧
Address: Shop B4, G/F, Block B, Wah Shing Bldg, 80-84 Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan
Telephone: 6297 1314
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30-22:00


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