Wise Bro Dessert – The Brother of Cong Sao

Wise Bro is a sister branch of Cong Sao Star Dessert. They offer Cantonese desserts with modern twist and most of them are basically the same as those at Cong Sao, including the signature sorbet.

Coming to the Yuen Long branch, this dessert place has a very cosy and modern decor, with lots of celebrities’ signatures on the wall of lockers.

Given the menu features plenty of fruity choices from sorbets, sago, sweet tofu pudding, grass jelly to traditional sweet soup, a strawberry sorbet is surely a staple here.
I ask for the version with grass jelly instead of sago and nata de coco because I never like the chewy texture of the latter two. The strawberry flavor is so refreshing and fragrant, topped with half a fresh strawberry but the grass jelly has not been defrosted thoroughly.

The durian milkshake custard is a recommended one, with a silky milk custard base, a layer of durian milkshake and a generous spoonful of durian flesh. It is so heavy but delicious.

Wise Bro Dessert

Wise Bro Dessert (Yuen Long Branch)
聰少甜品 (元朗店)

Dessert Menu

Strawberry Sorbet with Grass Jelly

Strawberry Sorbet with Grass Jelly

Durian Milkshake Custard

Durian Milkshake Custard

The Bill

Wise Bro Dessert 聰少甜品
Address: Shop D, G/F, Lee Fat House, 5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long
Telephone: 2983 0813
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00-01:00
Website: http://www.wisebrodessert.com / https://www.facebook.com/wisebrodessert


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