Locanda dell’ Angelo – Italian Fine Dining in the Valley

Tucked away in a small area of Happy Valley,  Locanda dell’ Angelo is a chef-owned Italian restaurant featuring a semi-open kitchen that takes up half of the narrow main dining area. It has a homey and contemporary decor, despite it is rather packed between each table.

Chef Angelo Agliano stays true to his strength and the originality of Sicilian culture in providing mostly seafood and freshly made pasta dishes on the menu. We begin by having an amuse bouche, a thick and rich lentil soup with salmon tartare. Taking a very traditional Sicilian attempt, made with a whole lots of lentils to gives a significant saltiness without adding extra seasoning.

Next is a beef carpaccio served with rocket salad, parmigiano reggiano and a tangy light mustard sauce. This classic Italian antipasti is always my favorite. When it hits my mouth, the thinly sliced bright red beef sirloin just melts away amazingly.
The baked ricotta is also looking seemingly simple but impressive. The chunks of ricotta cheese is coated with five spices that pairs so well with the sweet balsamic glaze.

Followed by Hokkaido sea urchin risotto, it is definitely creamy and sweet, with fresh wasabi and a few pieces of roasted peppers that hit me after all.
The spaghetti is excellently al dente, aglio e olio clinging on each strand of pasta. The garlic flavor isn’t very pronounced while the cured fish roe and fresh dill add a briny and bright flavor respectively.

Served with delicious sauteed spinach and cheesy polenta, the lamb chop is perfectly cooked medium rare as requested, tender and rich, which has been one of the best I have had in town!

Finally, we end with a beautiful fresh fruit salad. It is served with a refreshing raspberry sorbet and edible flower that adds a fragrant touches to this.
I really enjoy their courteous service and such intimate environment, this high end Italian restaurant is surely recommended!

Locanda dell’ Angelo

The Dining Area

Still Water

The Menu

Tomato, Walnut & French Baguettes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Amuse Bouche
Lentil Beans Soup with Salmon Mousse

Beef Carpaccio with Arugula & Parmigiano, Light Mustard Sauce

Baked Ricotta with Five Spices, Vegetables & 20 years Aged Balsamic

Hokkaido Sea Urchin Risotto with Fresh Wasabi & Chives

Hokkaido Sea Urchin Risotto with Fresh Wasabi & Chives

Spaghetti “Mancini” Aglio & Olio with Dry Bell Peppers & Seabass Bottarga

Roasted Baby New Zealand Lamb Chop with Sauteed Spinach & Polenta

Roasted Baby New Zealand Lamb Chop with Sauteed Spinach & Polenta

Fresh Fruit Salad with Raspberries Sorbet

Petit Fours
Mini Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Jam Drops

Lemon Honey Water

The Bill

Locanda dell’ Angelo
Address: G/F, 12 Yuen Yuen Street, Happy Valley
Telephone: 3709 2788
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 18:30-23:30
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Locanda-dellAngelo


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