Macau Spirit 澳義 – Healthy Rolled Yogurt Ice Cream!

Further along the same street from 新鴻發咖啡美食, there is a newly opened dessert spot where sells egg puffs and yogurt ice cream. Aiming to serve not only plentiful flavors of ice cream, they in fact ferment their own low-fat yogurt so to make it less sweet and much healthier

The menu features a list of mix and match ingredients starting from chocolate brownies, oreo cookies, to fruits like strawberries and mango, as well as a few limited editions including musang king durian and oreo red velvet.

We always look for our two favourites ingredients and luckily they have a combination of oreo x strawberry! Two to three layers of rolled yogurt topped with chocolate wafer rolls, two mini ice cream candies and a piece of golden Oreo; the yogurt has an merely sticky, thick and creamy texture, fresh and strong strawberry flavors mixed with crushed oreo.

The serving is surprisingly huge and it is best to share between the two!

Macau Spirit

Dessert Menu
雪糕, 雞蛋仔系列

Stamp Card

Oreo x Strawberry

Oreo Strawberry Yogurt Roll
奧利奧, 士多啤梨優格雪糕

Chocolate Wafer Roll, Mini Ice Cream Candy, Golden Oreo
朱古力威化卷, 迷你雪糕糖, 金奇奧利奧

Macau Spirit’s Slogan

Claw Machine

Macau Spirit 澳義
Address: 70A R. do Alm. Costa Cabral, Costa
Telephone: 6397 1388
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-21:00 ; Sat-Sun 12:00-21:30

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