Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee – Michelin Recommended Gelateria

It is interesting to know that this little gem is listed as one of the Michelin recommendations.
While we are initially going to K11 to try a new Korean brand ice cream, which have unfortunately been sold out, we end up at this nearby gelateria selling homemade gelato with a twist.

A simple menu, serving different flavors of gelato in their homemade choux pastry; sweet potato latte, banana chocolate latte and coffee.

We got each of us a red velvet and praline noir to share. The red velvet consists of a red velvet puff sandwiched with vanilla almond gelato, some cereal and red velvet cake. The strawberry rose sauce in the middle is particularly my favourite, sweet and fragrant.

Another praline noir has a very delicious hazelnut praline gelato matching with a plain but delicate puff. It is supposed to serve atop some maltesers but they said they are already out of stock, so it is replaced by a few pieces of milo cereal pop.

The space is small so you may consider takeaway during peak hours.

Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee

Chouquettes with Caramel Sauce

Red Velvet, Praline Noir
紅絲絨, 果仁糖

Red Velvet Puff, Plain Brown Puff
天鵝絨泡芙, 原味泡芙

Red Velvet Cakes, Strawberry & Rose Sauce, Vanilla & Almond Gelato;
Milo Pop Cereal, Praline Sauce, Hazelnut & Crunchy Praline Gelato
天鵝絨蛋糕, 士多啤梨玫瑰醬, 雲尼拿杏仁雪糕;
朱古力脆脆, 果仁糖漿, 榛子果仁糖雪糕

The Bill

Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee
Address: G/F, 32 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2889 8227
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/owlschoux


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