CheckCheckCin – Healthy Herbal Alternative

CheckCheckCin is a new herbal and health beverage shop first started up in Sheung Wan. Opened lately the second branch in Causeway Bay, it continues to bring healthful drinks to the public.
The menu contains a list of body balancing and relieving recipes based on traditional and classic Chinese medicinal formulas, such as clean and detox, expel coldness and keeping the body warm etc.

It is our first time to see rice water being sold in a beverage shop. While it is also one of the popular items here, my friend and I got each of us a cooling strawberry and yuzu ginger made with rice water.

The cooling strawberry tastes like a healthy version yogurt-based smoothie, with fresh strawberries and mild rice water, without any artificial flavors.
The boosting yuzu ginger has yuzu puree, freshly brewed ginger tea and honey. It is surely great to keep my body warm.

All in all, I really enjoy such delicious and healthy alternative to other bubble teas or Taiwanese teas.

中醫 • 米水茶飲

Healing Tea

Rice Water Series, Herbal Drinks
米水系列, 茶飲

The Bill

Cooling Strawberry

Boosting Yuzu Ginger

Cooling Strawberry
Strawberry, yogurt, rice water
士多啤梨, 乳酪, 米水

Boosting Yuzu Ginger
Yuzu, ginger, honey, rice water
柚子, 生薑, 蜂蜜, 米水

中醫 • 米水茶飲

中醫 • 米水茶飲

CheckCheckCin 中醫 • 米水茶飲
Address: Shop No. G14, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2833 6773
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00
Website: /

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