Meat Pie Gor – The Unusual Meat Patties

Following the success of its first branch in Tsuen Wan, Meat Pie Gor is set to open in Tai Wai the cooked food stall. There is no denying the fact that Meat Pie Gor is a much sought-after restaurant specializes in making pork meat patty. And because meat patty is much loved by the Cantoneses, this dish is apparently simple but essentially can mix everything in together.

Aside from those classic ingredients including salted egg, dried squid and salted fish, there are loads of varieties on the menu such as Horlicks, coffee & condensed milk, fruity jam meat patties etc.

We order two unfamiliar but sounds legit meat patties, the lobster and the fish maw.
The lobster meat pie is presented aesthetically in the form of a whole tail of lobster with the meat patty stuffed with visible lobster meat, but I wish for more flavors and personally I ain’t use to the spice flavor from the oil rice.
Nonetheless, I really like the fish maw meat pie not only is it much more tastier and well seasoned, it is stuffed with a good amount of pork fat giving a moist texture whilst the fish maw is so perfectly soft, gooey, and definitely weigh 3 taels.

In addition, we have bite-size dumplings that have been deep fried to crisp whereas the durian mochi is also fried to golden brown colour, but still soft and filled with sweet durian cream inside, very delicious!

Final verdict, despite the branch in Tai Wai is a bit far from the city center, the environment is nicely spacious and comfortable.

Meat Pie Gor

New Meat Pie Menu

Whole Lobster Meat Pie

Oil Flavored Rice

Lobster Meat Pie

Fish Maw Meat Pie

Vegetable Rice

Fish Maw

Bite Size Deep Fried Dumplings

Deep Fried Durian Mochi

Watermelon Juice, Mango Juice
西瓜汁, 芒果汁

Meat Pie Gor

The Bill

Meat Pie Gor 肉餅哥小炒料理
Address: Shop 5-8, Cooked Food Stall, Mei Lam Estate, 30 Mei Tin Road, Tai Wai
Telephone: 2886 8478
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 07:30-17:30, 18:00-22:00

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