TSUJIRI Hong Kong – The New Branch at APM

I have always loved Tsujiri, a Japanese teahouse that has been through 7 generations, over 150 year of history in Uji Kyoto. Following the successful opening of their first outlet in IFC, they have recently opened another branch in APM Kwun Tong introducing a whole new dine-in option.

The menu has a lot more options including savouries such as ochazuke rice, udon, sandwich and rice ball, also some cheesecakefrench toast and warabi mochi.

My favourite is the unagi ochazuke rice. It included chopped grilled eel, seaweed, spring onion and steamed Japanese rice, served aside a pot of steaming hot Uji Sencha which is fragrant and comforting. The portion is light and perfect enough for me to finish one.

Aside from the regular matcha soft serve, they are offering a highly recommended 2.0 matcha that is much richer in flavor, creamy and not-too-sweet. We also got another recommended item, an ice cold Premium Yame Gyokuro, which is light and refreshing with a strong aftertaste.

Surely I would say the food served here are delicious and amazing, and I am hoping to revisit again to try out their parfait dessert!


Tsujiri Cafe

Unagi Ochazuke Rice

Grilled Eel, Nori, Spring Onion, Japanese Rice, Uji Sencha
鰻魚, 紫菜, 蔥花, 日本米, 宇治煎茶

2.0 Matcha Soft Serve

Premium Yame Gyokuro

TSUJIRI Hong Kong 辻利茶舖
Address: Shop 8, 2/F, Millennium City 5, apm, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:30
Website: http://www.tsujiri.hk / https://www.facebook.com/tsujirihk

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