Sushi Roll Nomura 手卷野村 – Sushi Hand Roll Expert

Sushi Roll Nomura is like another Japanese takeout, located at East Tsim Sha Tsui, along the New Mandarin Plaza food street. It offers plenty of sushi hand roll varieties and a selection of tamagoyaki at a reasonable price.

We order each of us a sushi hand roll, plus a tamagoyaki and signature sea urchin don to share.
The $1 salmon poke handroll is deliciously fatty and a little spicy to taste, whereas the salmon roe with fatty tuna handroll has richer ingredients, nicely served on a wooden stand.

Highly recommended is the sea urchin don included nori strips, sushi rice, minced fatty tuna, Hokkaido scallop, sea urchin, crabmeat and salmon roe. The size is seemingly smaller, nevertheless the sea urchin that has been dressed with uni soy sauce is especially creamy and sweet!
The made-to-order tamagoyaki is also fluffy and delectable with a generous mentaiko filling, however it is slightly burnt between layers.

All in all, food is price wise and there are more such as sushi burrito and rice bowl.

Sushi Roll Nomura

Sushi Roll Nomura

The Bill

Salmon Poke Hand Roll, Salmon Roe with Fatty Tuna
夏威夷三文魚手卷, 三文魚子吞拿魚腩手卷

Sea Urchin Don

Sea Urchin Don

Japanese Sea Urchin, Hypothalassia Armata, Scallop, Fatty Tuna, Salmon Roe
原板日本海膽, 松葉蟹, 北海道帆立貝, 吞拿魚腩, 三文魚子

Pickled Fish Roe Thick Omelet


Sushi Roll Nomura 手卷野村
Address: Shop 57, G/F, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2388 1308
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-02:00


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