HAKU – An Omakase Ending With A Smile

Being one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Summer, HAKU has recently set at Harbour City taking a space on the ground floor of Ocean Terminal. Curated by Hideaki Matsuo, the Chef of a 3* Japanese fusion restaurant in Osaka, it is also formed in partnership with Agustin Balbi, the former executive chef of The Ocean.

HAKU serves up contemporary Japanese dishes with European twist, paying so much attention to detail, ingredient and presentation. Start with the porcelain on the table, each plate has been carefully crafted with special pattern dedicated to a literal meaning behind.


Chef Agustin Balbi

Bar Seating

Our omakase menu starts with a series of amuse bouche. Pickled beetroot with beetroot powder, rolled up inside a red rose; a mini crispy tartlet filled with incredibly sweet Japanese corn kernel, confit duck leg; toasted nori cone with hamachi and umami dashi cream; and a deep-fried kibinago river fish on a skewer.

Pickled Tsukemono Apple, Beetroot Powder

Pickled Tsukemono Apple, Beetroot Powder

Japanese Sweetcorn, Confit Duck Leg

Hamachi, Nori Cone, Dashi Cream

Kibinago Fish, Japanese Panko Crumb

To follow is a stunning piece of plump and juicy Japanese oyster topped with yuzu kosho, green apple granita that made a sharp and tangy hit. Likewise the Kyushu tomato is very refreshing, comes with sardines, bellota ham, sprinkled with shio kombu and sake kasu, which is a sentiment from fermented sake.

Japanese Oyster, Yuzu Kosho, Apple Granita

Kyushu Tomato, Kamasu, Bellota Ham

Next is supposed to be a foie gras mousse with squid ink lotus chips, but since I don’t eat foie gras, Chef offers me a chicken wing and king prawns instead, surprisingly tender, accompanied by a deliciously creamy porcini mushroom sauce. In addition, a brioche to dip the sauce.

Chicken Wings, King Prawns, Porcini


Things continue with some signature dishes here. Generous serving of Hokkaido uni served with roasted eggplant miso cream on a brioche bun; an oxtail croquette deep fried to crisp and golden brown, with dashi mayonnaise, finger lime and freshly shaved bonito flake.

Hokkaido Uni, Eggplant, Brioche

Oxtail, Mitsuba, Katsuobushi

 A showcase of fatty chutoro with Polmard beef, top with Kristal caviar along with some rice tuiles is also, needless to say, ridiculously beautiful.

Chu Toro, Kristal Caviar, Polmard Beef, Rice Tuile

Chu Toro, Kristal Caviar, Polmard Beef, Rice Tuile

My favourite of the night goes to this Kagoshima Wagyu beef. With a good marbling of fat,  it is plated on a hexagonal plate with earthy eringi and baby kabu radishes. Briefly cooked and served over charcoal with a sauce made from beef jus and black truffle.

Kagoshima A4, Wagyu

Kagoshima Wagyu, Eringi, Baby Kabu

Save room for dessert. It is an incredibly juicy Japanese white peach filled with white peach granita, Hokkaido yogurt foam and panna cotta.

White Peach, Yogurt Foam, Granita

White Peach, Yogurt Foam, Granita

Candy Floss

Our meal at HAKU is indeed amazing featuring so many seasonal ingredients that has been well-constructed and combined, Chef would like to finish the meal with petit fours of candy floss for us (i.e. customers) to leave with a smile (:

Address: Shop OTG04, G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2115 9965
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hakuhongkong


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