“Ai Mei Midsummer” Exhibition – A Celebration Dinner at Bar Umami

“Ai Mei” Midsummer Exhibition Tour is now launched at Le Meridien Hotel in Cyberport! Featuring 9 cities with 11 destination inspiration, this young little girl has been made very unique and iconic.
Xiamen is represented by the black and white piano keyboard, symbolizing the renowned “Isle of Piano”; whilst Hong Kong is presented through the filmmaking industry, with pink polka dots hair band.

Le Meridien Cyberport

Ai Mei

The hotel also prepared a few special dishes to celebrate the launch of “Ai Mei Midsummer” Exhibition, starting with a organic salad with plump tomatoes, a appetizer plate with deep fried dried persimmon, spicy and sour chicken feet as well as daily sashimi.
For mains, we have grilled seabass with hoba and a scrumptious sliced beef wrapped with garlic and spring onion, taken inspirations from Le Meridien Yixin and ChongQing respectively.

“Ai Mei Midsummer” Special Menu

Special Cocktail

There are also Ai Mei Themed eclairs with artistic chocolate decoration to finish. Aside from YuanYang and Rose, more flavors such as osmanthus wine and Chinese jasmine tea eclairs are available at their coffee shop.

Ai Mei Themed Eclair (Yuenyeung, Rose)
艾美麗主題法式泡芙 (鴛鴦, 玫瑰)

Le Meridien

Le Meridien Cyberport
Website: http://www.lemeridiencyberport.com / https://www.facebook.com/LeMeridienCyberport

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