Chan Kun Kee 陳根記 – An Overhyped Dai Pai Dong

I have been told that Chan Kun Kee is one of the best Dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. The iconic food scene with an old and outdoor eatery, I am expecting some unbelievably cheap Cantonese dishes and Tsing Tao beer bottles everywhere.
Arriving late at 9pm, it was extremely crowded that we could barely find for a table where is outside under a large tent. The service wasn’t very helpful as we were asked to write the orders ourselves.

Chan Kun Kee

Orders / Bills

The menu offers a variety of seafood and meat, and the best recommended dish is wasabi hand-pulled chicken. It consists of shredded poached chicken, cucumber slices, tossed with wasabi mayo and sprinkle of crab roe. It wasn’t very outstanding because it neither has wasabi nor chicken flavor.

Wasabi Hand-Pulled Chicken with Crab Roe
Wasabi 蟹籽手撕雞

Wasabi Hand-Pulled Chicken with Crab Roe
Wasabi 蟹籽手撕雞

Wasabi Mayo, Shredded Chicken, Sliced Cucumbers, Crab Roe
芥末醬, 手撕雞, 青瓜絲, 蟹籽

Some better choices would be a classic sweet & sour shrimp, stir-fried with onion and a mix of bell peppers; a goldenly crispy and crunchy oyster pancake stuffed with a delicious amount of chopped coriander, but it would come better with fish sauce on the side.

Sweet & Sour Shrimp

Deep Fried Oyster Pancake

Deep Fried Oyster Pancake

We also have “Pe-Par” Tofu cooked in salty broth, which is basically mixing tofu and fish together into ball-shaped dumplings. Nevertheless, I really like their homemade herbal teas served clean and cold in plastic bottles.

Pe-Par Bean Curd (Pan-fried Tofu & Fish Mix)

Homemade Chinese Herbal Teas
夏枯草, 五花羅漢果茶

Final verdict, food was average, hygiene is acceptable, atmosphere is vibrant and energetic!
For such a one-of-a-kind experience in Hong Kong, I’m sure there are much more other options out there. But still, I’m hoping to revisit and try their fried mango crepe dessert and maybe roasted pigeon someday!


Chan Kun Kee 陳根記
Address: No.3-5, Wo Che Estate Market, Sha Tin
Telephone: 2606 1390
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 18:00-01:00

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