Tainan Adouzai 台南阿豆仔 – Taiwanese Outlet in Causeway Bay

Serving a large variety of traditional Taiwanese food, Tainan Adouzai is indeed a true all-rounder. It is set along Lan Fong Road in Causeway Bay, with a Taiwan night market setting, wooden chairs and high ceiling design, also a neon sign listing all of their signature dishes.

Tainan Adouzai

Tainan Adouzai

Taiwanese braised pork rice comes perfectly in a one-person serving bowl. It wasn’t too fatty, with my favourite steamed pearl rice, very soft and sticky; the short grain rice has thoroughly soaked up the scrumptious meat sauce. Additionally, topped with half of an hard-boiled egg.

Braised Pork Rice

Next was the Taiwanese night market oyster pancake. It was made with many meaty little oysters, sweet potato starch, scrambled egg, and sweet & spicy sauce for an abundant flavor.

Oyster Omelette

Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Coriander
海山醬, 芫荽

We also ordered some sides and mains such as spicy pig’s ears which was more on the sweet side; a stir-fried clams that was a daily Chef’s recommendation; and a sparerib stew cooked in strong Chinese herb soup.

Spicy Pig’s Ears


Ribs & Herbs

Ginger Lemonade with Aiyu Jelly

Afterall, it is a fairly good Taiwanese meal. And I really appreciate their drink list with many toppings including aiyu jelly, tapioca ball, and grass jelly.

Tainan Adouzai 台南阿豆仔
Address: G/F, 19 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2217 0520
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30
Website: https://www.facebook.com/tainanadouzai

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