Evelyn’s Garden – Day 100 Tapas Feast~

Evelyn’s Garden is a new Chinese restaurant opened in Wan Chai on Tonnochy Road. Featuring traditional Peking, Sichuan and Shanghainese cuisines, they serve hand-made dishes in tapas-style. The environment has a unique taste of China, antique furnitures and a wall of panda paintings.

Evelyn’s Garden

Table Setting

Introducing the special “Day 100 Tapas Feast”, we start with 24 dishes of cold appetizers, including traditional pork terrine, drunken chicken, pork knuckle and cold cut sliced pork with glass noodle. My favourite goes to the signature cold cut chicken made with a thick numbing sesame and peanut sauce, very tender, meaty, and definitely spicy.

100 Dish

Drunken Chicken, Chilled Jellyfish with Sesame Oil, Cucumber with Vinegar & Garlic, Cold Cut Sliced Pork with Glass noodle, Hot & Numbing Cucumber, Chilled Black Fungus in Vinegar, Drunken Pork Knuckle
杞子花雕醉雞, 涼拌海蜇, 手拍青瓜, 白切肉粉皮, 麻辣青瓜, 涼拌貓耳朵, 醉拿手

Cold Cut Chicken in Numbing Sesame & Peanut Sauce

Followed by 42 hot dishes, the scrambled egg white is deliberately topped with crab roe; double cooked pork belly is undoubtedly flavorful and succulent; also the sweet and sour garoupa fillet and stir-fried beef with scallion.

Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet with Pineapple

Stir-fried Shredded Chicken with Beijing Bean Paste

Stir-fried Beef with Scallion

Scrambled Egg White

Chicken with Sichuan Chili

Deep-fried Chicken, Yu-Shiang Eggplant Stick
炸雞甫, 醬燒茄子

There are tiger prawns cooked in three styles. Dry-braised, chili Kung Pao, and the everyone’s favourite style, which is coated with a golden sauce made with salted egg yolk and butter.

Golden Tiger Prawns

Dry-Braised Tiger Prawns

Kung Pao Tiger Prawns

The fact that their dishes are all made MSG-free, and probably low in salt, sugar and less oil, we also have some healthy veggie dishes.

Preserved Veggie with Green Soybeans & Sheets

ChaShu Mushroom & Jade Sprouts with Premium Soup

Sauteed Asparagus Lettuce

Evelyn’s Garden is famous for the various dishes boiled with hot and numbing oil. The base is prepared with a number of herbs and spices, the Chef has also created different tastes for cooking fish, sliced beef, and pork belly, added sweet potato noodle and topped with chopped coriander.

Boiled Beef with Hot & Humbing Oil, Boiled Garoupa with Hot & Humbing Oil, Boiled Pork with Hot & Humbing Oil
水煮牛肉, 水煮斑片, 水煮黑豚肉

There are also dim sum such as xiao long bao, dumplings, a rarely-seen Chaoyang spinach bun and Beijing style beef rolls. The Chaoyang spinach bun has a texture between steamed bun and dumpling, stuffed with crispy spinach and dried prawns. Whilst the beef rolls are basically sheets of wrap stuffed with beef shank, sweet bean sauce and leek, giving a rich and soft texture.

Evelyn’s Garden Xiao Long Bao

Chaoyang Spinach Bun

Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Dumplings

Beijing Style Beef Roll

Pork Dumpling with Hot & Numbing Oil

Shanghai Wonton with Soup

Pan-fried Juicy Pork Bun

Some sweet treats to finish. The pumpkin ball is filled with white lotus paste, the egg souffle with banana is very light and fluffy, the black sesame rolls are perfectly smooth and soft. Must-try are their sweet soups including the walnut, black sesame and Sang Ji Sheng, because they are made following the recipe of the traditional dessert place in Sai Wan – Yuen Kee Dessert!

Pumpkin Ball

Deep Fried Egg Souffle Ball Stuffed with Banana

Classic Sesame Roll

Osmanthus Jelly Cake

Walnut Sweet Soup, Almond Sweet Soup, Sang Ji Sheng Sweet Soup
合桃糊, 杏仁糊, 桑寄生蓮子茶

Sesame Sweet Soup

What’s more, they have a bar where offers a list of cocktails and non-alcoholic tea-infused mocktails in a phenomenal presentation.


Homemade Tangerine Bourbon, Hot Pur Each Tea, Honey, Orange Bitter, Grand Marnier

Evelyn’s Garden 日熹樓
Address: 4/F & 5/F, Kwan Chart Tower, 6 Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai
Telephone: 2511 1534
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-23:30
Website: https://www.evelynsgarden.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/evelynsgarden.com.hk


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