ANA TEN 天穴 – Japanese Dining Next to the Waterfront

Opened lately within the new waterfront extension of Ocean Terminal in Harbour City, it is ANA TEN serving some Japanese cuisines in their modern and contemporary way. They have invited Chef Ryogo Ozawa, who formerly worked in 3-Michelin-starred restaurant L’Assiette Chapenois in France, to collaborate with their executive chef, creating many innovative dishes; starting from entrees, sashimi and tempura, also a list of creative cocktails inspired by Japanese myths and imparted with unique element.
The restaurant is set with an open kitchen and bar that is divided into 4 main quarters including omakase, tempura, skewers and cocktail. There is also an outdoor seating to indulge in the magnificent waterfront view of the iconic Victoria Harbour.


Omakase Bar

Cocktail Bar

Tempura & Skewer Bar
天扶良, 串燒區

Traditional Japanese v.s. Modern Western Design

We start with a sashimi dish created with thin sliced yellow tail, foie gras cube and a lovely tangy plum vinegar sauce. The glamorous sashimi platter compiles some finest catch of the day, including fatty salmon belly, fresh spot prawn, a very plumpy and large scallop, sea bream with a vingar dip and salmon roe.

Thin Sliced Yellow Tail with Foie Gras Cube on Nanko Plum Vinegar Sauce
九州油甘魚, 鵝肝, 南高梅

Premium Sashimi Platter

Salmon Roe

Salmon Loin

Sea Bream

Greater Amberjack

Spot Prawn


Sea Urchin wrapped in Saga beef, not only is it the star of the night, but also an exclusive dish available only at ANA TEN. The wagyu beef has the perfect marbling of fat, especially aromatic and tender, paired with creamy Bafun sea urchin served in a spoon with mild soy sauce.

Sea Urchin Wrapped in Saga Beef
佐賀縣和牛, 北海道馬糞海膽, 伊朗魚子

Another signature is fatty tuna loin prepared and smoked over walnut wood, whiskey barrel oak and apple wood, giving a wonderful fragrant over the luscious tuna, while serving aside a homemade egg yolk soy sauce.

Smoked Fatty Tuna with Egg Yolk Sauce
吞拿魚腩, 宮崎雞蛋黃, 合桃木

Egg Yolk Sauce

Coming to some signature tempuras and skewers, I particularly enjoy the baby kink that has been told as one of the most expensive deep sea caught in the Japanese fishery industry. Indeed, it is exceptionally silky and smooth with a crunchy batter, sprinkled with a pinch of black salt for maximum flavor. Also, Japanese mantis shrimp tempura is scrumptiously made with stuffing of crab fat, miso and soy sauce, topped with my favourite crispy sakura shrimps.

Baby Kinki Tempura

Japanese Mantis Shrimp Tempura with Crab Paste

Awaodori Chicken Neck Skewer

Pork Belly Skewer

Finally, a highlight goes to the Hide wagyu beef that has a great marbling, super strong flavor and incredibly tender! Serving with wasabi leave, Japanese mustard greens, and condiments such as deep fried garlic slices, sea salt, mustard seed and wasabi.

Grilled Hida Wagyu with Japanese Side Vegetables
飛驒和牛, 山葵芥菜, 芥末菜, 炸蒜片, 海鹽, 原粒芥末籽, 日式芥末

Crème Brûlée

Breakfast at Lavender’s
Blueberry jam, homemade lavender syrup, Shiso tea, lemon tea
藍莓醬, 自家製薰衣草糖漿, 紫蘇茶, 檸檬汁

Cherry tomatos, homemade chili syrup, grapefruit juice, salt
車厘茄, 自家製辣椒糖水, 西柚汁, 鹽

Accompanied by the spectacular view with some rewarding mocktails, our dining experience ends flawlessly with a beautiful crème brûlée with a piece of mikan ❤

Address: Shop OTE 304, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2701 9881
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00 – 23:00
Website: /


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