Hennessy 軒尼詩 -「重新發現港滋味」首章 Rediscover the Taste of HK

Coming to Michelin-starred Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant, we are not only having delicious local seafood dishes, but also to rediscover some tastiest moment pairing with one of the world’s leading cognac in Hong Kong – Hennessy.
‘Re-Discover the Taste of Hong Kong’ is a campaign introduced by the Hennessy group, who has expertly prepared an extensive menu featuring signature favourites seafood, Cantonese, Chinese and Chiu Chow restaurants according to their versatility of Hennessy V.S.O.P, X.O and Paradis.

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant

X.O 干邑
Hennessy X.O

Hennessy V.S.O.P
軒尼詩 V.S.O.P


Starting with an enormous platter of assorted sashimi, included yellowtail, sweet shrimp, salmon and octopus. We also have two signature dishes, they are deep fried tofu with an incredibly soft center, and a deep fried squid cake served aside sweet and chili dip.

Sashimi Combo

Yellow Tail

Sweet Shrimp



Deep Fried Crispy Beancurd

Deep Fried Squid Cake

Pairing with Hennessy X.O 70 cl, it is a giant garoupa that has been deboned and deep fried into fillet, served with sweet creamy corn sauce, whilst the bone is further made crispy in frying oil. It is my favourite!

Deep Fried Fish Fillet

Creamed Corn Sauce

Next is a steamed Alaska King Crab that is also paired with Hennessy X.O, but 300cl instead. The delicate sweet flavor is indeed amazing and fresh, the stunning plating is also much appreciated.

Alaska King Crab

Alaska King Crab

Another favourite is baked lobster with cheese and crispy noodle. It is paired with Hennessy X.O 150cl, which reduces a bit of the greasiness from the heavy cheese sauce. Whilst the crispy noodle has thoroughly soaked up the cheese and lobster flavor. The combination is such a perfection!

Baked Lobster with Cheese & Crispy Noodle

Cheese Baked Lobster, Crispy Noodle
芝士焗龍蝦, 煎米餅

Last but not the least, a mouthwatering stir-fried spareribs with mustard and sweet and sour hawthorn sauce. They have considerably served a bit extra mustard sauce on the side, while pairing with Hennessy V.S.O.P 35cl for a kick.

Stir-Fried Sparerib with Mustard & Haw Sauce

Stir-Fried Sparerib with Mustard & Haw Sauce

Sing Kee has much more signatures such as a deep fried abalone, the yeung chau fried rice with fresh water shrimp, as well as the renowned yakult pudding for dessert.

Deep Fried Abalone with Salt & Pepper

Yeung Chau Fried Rice

Yakult Rilakkuma

Jelly Cake Combo
Sweet osmanthus jelly cake, sweet grapefruit jelly cake, yakult jelly cake
清甜桂花糕, 香濃柚子糕, 特色益力多糕

Final remark, Hennessy’s ‘Re-Discover the Taste of Hong Kong’ campaign is going to last until the end of the year, so make sure to check some other participating restaurants. Learn more from their webpage!

Hennessy Hong Kong
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hennessyhongkong

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant 勝記海鮮酒家
Address: G/F, 33-39 Sai Kung Tai Street, Sai Kung
Telephone: 2791 9887
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
Website: http://www.singkee.ecomm.hk / https://www.facebook.com/%E8%A5%BF%E8%B2%A2%E5%8B%9D%E8%A8%98%E6%B5%B7%E9%AE%AE%E9%85%92%E5%AE%B6-SING-KEE-SEAFOOD-RESTAURANT


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