WoZi 窩子 – 新蒲崗的 Souffle Pancake

WoZi is a hidden little cafe in San Po Kong. It is a nostalgic bing sutt, also a traditional coffee house, set with 1960s decor, an interior with pea green wall, retro modern furnitures and a black and white floor covered in patterns. Their menu interestingly comes like a blue-green student handbook, offering a list of fusion food with modern twist. Things like satay pork jowl with baguettes, ham & cheese waffle, black truffle fried egg on toast, and some usual pasta, pizza and all-day-breakfast.


WoZi Cafe

Sunny Doll

WoZi Menu

Visiting on a weekend afternoon. The cafe is packed with people and is very busy. We ordered a few dessert dishes, such as a signature mochi taiyaki with choice of custard filling. The mochi is nicely chewy and slightly crispy on the edge, whilst the tofu pudding on the side is surprisingly silky, smooth and delicious. However, the green tea ice cream is not impressive at all.

Custard Taiyaki (Mochi), Green Tea Ice Cream
吉士鯛魚燒 (麻糬皮), 綠茶雪糕

Souffle pancakes are seemingly well-executed. The fresh strawberry souffle pancake is served with a generous amount of crunchy honeycomb, a strawberry compote on the side, and a dollop of smooth whipped cream. The pancake texture is perfectly soft and fluffy; very airy and wobbly like a soft pillow.

Fresh Strawberry Soufflé Pancake

But I prefer the classic butter syrup flavor, which is comparatively less sweet and has maple butter on each piece of pancake. Similarly, it has a dollop of whipped cream, a dusting of powdered sugar, also a great perfect souffle texture.

Classic Butter Muscovado Syrup

Classic Butter Muscovado Syrup

Muscovado Syrup, Whipped Cream, Souffle Pancake
楓樹糖漿, 忌廉 ,梳乎里鬆餅

Final verdict, their soufflé pancake is so worth a try considering such a reasonable price. I’m really looking forward to try their tiramisu flavor soon!

WoZi 窩子
Address: G/F, 36 Yan Oi Street, San Po Kong
Telephone: 2796 0001
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon 12:00-22:00 (Closed on Tue)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/wozi.cafe

3 thoughts on “WoZi 窩子 – 新蒲崗的 Souffle Pancake

  1. […] 今期出咗四款新味道,全部都係老闆嘔心瀝血嘅作品。除咗原味梳乎厘之外,有士多啤梨白朱古力、提拉米蘇、抹茶,同焦糖燉蛋味。士多啤梨白朱古力嘅醬有明顯嘅士多啤梨味,食落似食緊士多啤梨百力滋嘅味道,帶微微酸,可見有少許果肉,但白朱古力味可以更明顯;而提拉米蘇嘅醬就用上忌廉芝士,咖啡粉,冇落酒做成。當然,兩者嘅班戟底同原味一樣,介乎鬆軟厚實之間,帶有好香嘅蛋香,似港式雞蛋仔嘅味道,亦都係我鍾意佢地嘅地方。 […]


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