Odelice! – A Casual French Bistro!

It has been a while since I had a traditional French crepe.
Coming to Odelice! on Landale street in Wan Chai, it is a casual restaurant and cafe with a cosy and welcoming ambience. Their menu serves a variety of authentic French dishes, including a selection of salad and pasta dishes, also French mussels, beef tenderloin, galettes and crepes.


Odelice! Wan Chai

Odelice! Menu

Starting from the a la carte menu, we enjoy so much on the beef tartare served with toasted rye bread. The raw beef has been finely chopped and mixed with onions, capers, ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce, topped with a raw egg yolk for a fresh and complex flavor, definitely scrumptious.

Odelice! Steak Tartar
Odelice! 牛肉他他

Raw Egg Yolk

The salad arrives with a balsamic dressing, the mix of baby spinach and quinoa is so refreshing and complemented with creamy crumbled feta; also served with toasted bread and smoked salmon.

Quinoa & Fresh Baby Spinach Salad with Smoked Salmon
With feta cheese & cherry tomato in balsamic dressing
蕎麥菠菜苗沙律配羊奶芝士, 車厘茄, 意大利黑醋汁, 配三文魚

Since it is a weekend afternoon, we opt for a French foie gras galatte from the brunch menu. it is delightful to see a generous piece of perfectly pan-fried foie gras served on top, with a buckwheat crepe filled with sweet and excellently caramelized onion. Not only is it delicious, but also gluten-free!

French Foie Gras Galette
With pan-seared foie gras, caramelized onion, tomato confit & fig jam

They also do very fresh fruit juices and lemonades, whilst for sweets, there are premium crepes waffles with many options such as butter sugar, nutella spread with banana, as well as cinnamon apple and fruit jams.

Pineapple Cucumber Apple Juice, Ginger Lemonade
菠蘿青瓜蘋果汁, 生薑檸檬水

Address: Shop 9, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai
Telephone: 2520 2311
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-22:30 ; Sat-Sun 09:00-22:30
Website: http://www.o-delice.com / https://www.facebook.com/Odelice-Hong-Kong


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