Chatuchak 翟道翟棉棉冰 – Mango Sticky Rice Shaved Ice in HK!

One of my favourite desserts in Bangkok is probably a mango sticky rice shaved ice. And lately, a new dessert shop opened in Argyle Centre, Mongkok, happens to create a very similar version.

Chatuchak Shave Ice

Chatuchak Menu

They offer mainly three shaved ice flavors including durian sticky rice and Thai milk tea, but mango sticky rice flavor is surely the most popular order here.
Consist of sticky rice topped with mango shaved ice, chopped mango and mango sauce; the coconut cream on top is amazingly thick and creamy, which melts perfectly into the shaved ice.

Mango Sticky Rice Shaved Ice

Mango Sauce, Mango Shaved Ice
芒果醬, 芒果刨冰

The serving of sticky rice at the bottom is also warm and generous, whilst the crispy rice sprinkled over is a bit hard to chew.

Coconut Cream, Crispy Rice
椰奶忌廉, 脆米

 There are also a list of drinks including milkshake, soda and their home brewed Thai milk tea, and we opt for a Tom Yum Gung soda that is merely spicy but refreshing.

Tom Yum Gung Soda

Chatuchak Shave Ice 翟道翟棉棉冰
Address: Shop SK6B, 2/F, Argyle Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 13:00 -22:30 ; Sat-Sun 12:00 -23:00

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