The Place at The Cordis – Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration Dinner Buffet

This Autumn, the restaurant at The Cordis Hotel – The Place, has launched a dinner buffet featuring the theme of “Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration”. The buffet highlights many popular delicacies from two Asian culinary destinations, which also includes a selection of Japanese beers and wine.

The Place

Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration Dinner

Selected Beer

Starting with cold appetizers, there are fresh lobsters, crab legs, whelks and clams at the seafood station. Two kinds of freshly shucked oyster are served, the Australian one is particularly buttery, creamy and carries a tad subtle sweetness.

Seafood Station

Fresh Oyster

The Korean Imperial appetizer platter consists of kimchi and spicy marinated lotus root, spinach and assorted mushroom; the soba noodle is also colourfully displayed including white, red and green colours.
Whilst at the sushi bar, assorted sashimi is offered upon your choice, as well as Japanese sushi hand rolls and a few fire-grilled sushi.

Korean Imperial Appetizer Platter

Appetizer Platter

Korean Soba Noodle

Japanese Hand Rolls

Flame Seared Aburi Sushi

The noodle station offers two soup bases, chicken soup and pork rib soup; but my favourite is the traditional chicken and ginseng double boiled soup with a surprisingly strong bitter aftertaste.
The hot dishes also highlight plenty of Japanese and Korean cooking, including a miso and cheese baked lobster, wagyu beef, Korean luncheon meat fried rice and Korean beef ribs.

Noodle Station

Double Boiled Soup

Baked Lobster with Miso & Cheese

Wagyu Beef

Korean Gyeran Bokkeumbap Bap with Luncheon Meat

Fried Lobster Claw with Garlic & Black Bean

Korean Bulgogi (Beef Short Rib)

In addition, there are tteokbokki (i.e. hot and spicy Korean rice cake), Korean fried chicken and shrimp tempura. Some chutney and mint yogurt to be served with Indian curry, also find roasted ribeye and pan-seared foie gras.

Mango Chutney, Mixed Chutney, Mint Yogurt
芒果酸辣醬, 雜菜酸辣醬, 薄荷乳酪

Fresh Oyster, Korean Marinated Spinach
生蠔, 韓式醃菠菜

Roasted Ribeye, Black Pepper Sauce, Choi Sum, Fire-grilled Salmon Sushi
肉眼扒, 黑椒汁, 菜心, 火炙三文魚壽司

Double Boiled Chicken Ginseng Soup

Pan Seared Foie Gras

My most loved section is definitely the dessert corner with many Japanese-Korean-inspired desserts. A green tea chocolate fountain with marshmallow lollies, green tea cheese cake, daifuku with red bean filling, half-baked cheese tart; some other favourites are Japanese white peach pudding, homemade warabimochi and surely the huge varieties of Movenpick ice cream. Mango & passion fruit, maple walnut, blueberry cheesecake, lemon & lime; fresh fruit juices are served during the meal as a great refreshment too.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Green Tea Chocolate Fountain

Hokkaido Green Tea Cheese Cake

Green Tea Daifuku

Kyoho Grape Jelly, Korean Peach & Soymilk Pudding
日本巨峰提子啫喱, 韓式香梨豆奶布丁

Citrus Honey Cake

Bread & Butter Pudding

Warabi Mochi

Hokkaido Cheese Tart

Strawberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon & Lime, Maple Walnut Ice Cream
士多啤梨雪糕, 藍莓芝士蛋糕雪糕, 青檸檸檬雪芭, 楓糖合桃雪糕

*The buffet will finish by the end of November, offer during dinner time only.*

The Place @ The Cordis
Address: Level L, Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok
Telephone: 3552 3028
Opening Hours: Dinner 18:30-21:45 ; Mon-Sun 06:30-00:30
Website: /


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