The Joomak – A Korean Bistro with Avocado KFC

Settled at the buzzing Harbour City inside LCX, it is the Korean bistro and restaurant, also the first overseas branch of The Joomak. It has a stunning harbour view with an edgy interior design, along with K-pop background music, it serves some Korean fusion cuisine.

The Joomak

The Restaurant View

One of the restaurant signatures and must-have would be a Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle. It is basically thin soba noodle served with assorted sides including sliced cucumber, kimchi, Korean pear and a soft boiled egg; they also offer choices of meat (pork or beef) to vegetarian. Served aside a herb and yuzu sauce, it is sharp-flavored but very palatable.

Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle
瑪黛茶 4°C 冷麵

Korean Shredded Beef Rib

Kimchi, Pear, Cucumber, Soft Boiled Egg
泡菜, 香梨, 青瓜, 溏心蛋

The menu offers a good selection of Korean fried chicken, and most of them comes with an unbelievable dressing. Such as an avocado and lime fried chicken, the sauce is thick and creamy with a hint of tanginess from the lime. The deboned chicken meat is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, thickly battered and sprinkled with a particularly flavoursome cheese powder. 

Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder

Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder

Self-grilled angus ribeye is another recommended choice. Served aside raw shiitake mushrooms, onion rings and cabbage, there are a few pieces of mozzarella for us to melt on the ribeye. The Angus ribeye is sizzled on the cast iron plate, to your desire doneness, it is indeed succulent and mouthwatering.

Sizzle Grilled Angus Ribeye

Finally, a tiramisu with Movenpick tiramisu ice cream, ladyfingers and coffee is very satisfying. I also loved the fresh fruits yuzu soda made with that smoky effect.

雪糕, 提拉米蘇

雪糕, 提拉米蘇

 Fresh Fruit Yuzu Iced Tea

The Bill

The Joomak
Address: Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2111 0851
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30
Website: /

2 thoughts on “The Joomak – A Korean Bistro with Avocado KFC

  1. […] 今期出咗四款新味道,全部都係老闆嘔心瀝血嘅作品。除咗原味梳乎厘之外,有士多啤梨白朱古力、提拉米蘇、抹茶,同焦糖燉蛋味。士多啤梨白朱古力嘅醬有明顯嘅士多啤梨味,食落似食緊士多啤梨百力滋嘅味道,帶微微酸,可見有少許果肉,但白朱古力味可以更明顯;而提拉米蘇嘅醬就用上忌廉芝士,咖啡粉,冇落酒做成。當然,兩者嘅班戟底同原味一樣,介乎鬆軟厚實之間,帶有好香嘅蛋香,似港式雞蛋仔嘅味道,亦都係我鍾意佢地嘅地方。 […]


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