Tong Chong Street Market – November Coffee Festival

This November, Tong Chong Street Market has returned with a brand new theme – coffee!!! The market have a complete coffee bean market as well as a food festival with different pop up stores offering their signature food and drinks.

Tong Chong Street Market

Coffee Festival

It would be thrilled for all coffee lovers because some most familiar cafes and hidden ones will be selling their special and house blend coffees, such as Common Ground, who has prepared a TCS-special Roselle Ginger Coffee Soda.

Roselle Ginger Coffee Soda


A lobster bun from Fresco Dal Mercato is incredibly delicious, combining Hong Kong-style pineapple bun with chopped lobster meat, lettuce leaves with a fragrant black truffle mayo.
Honbo has also prepared cheese burger and chili fries, with a very refreshing mint lemonade.

Truffle Lobster Bun
Lobster meat, lettuce salad with truffle mayonnaise
龍蝦肉, 松露生菜沙律

Honbo’s Cheese Burger

A must-try would be the croissant from the popular Instagram dessert shop, Chef Tiff’s Kitchen, featuring her signature matcha lava croissant and my favourite Hong Kong milk tea lava croissant with a smoked and crunchy salted egg crust.

Chef Tiff’s Kitchen

Matcha Lava Croissant

‘852’ Lava Croissant

Houjicha Scones

Make sure to grab a bottle of black truffle beer from Boscovivo because they are limited to a 1000 bottle only! So truffleeyyyy!!!!

Boscovino Black Truffle Amber Ale

Tong Chong Street Market
Date: Every Sun from 5th Nov 2017 – 11th Feb 2018

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