Pancake Bistro at Upper Station Street @ 3rd Space

3rd Space is a pancake cafe that has recently reopened at Upper Station Street. Moving from Po Hing Fong in Sheung Wan to here, it is still a really intimate space with a very laid back and chic vibe plus a little outdoor area with blue walls mini tables.

3rd Space

3rd Space

Coming over for a quick Sunday brunch, we order a popular dish – the Earl Grey Pancake. It has a super rich chocolate ganache filling, topped with creamy Hokkaido milk ice cream, fresh fruits, whipped cream, perfectly fluffy.

Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache Pancake with Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream & Fresh Fruits

My favourite is the secret blueberry jam pancake which is basically plain fluffy pancake made with their homemade blueberry jam, topped with ice cream, fresh fruits including sliced strawberries, grapes and blueberries, granola and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Secret Blueberry Jam Pancake
藍莓醬班戟配焦糖醬, 雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果

1 Layer of Secret Pancake using House Blueberry Jam served with Caramel Syrup
藍莓醬班戟配焦糖醬, 雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果

All Come with Ice Cream & Fresh Fruits
雪糕, 忌廉, 鮮果

Last but not least, we have a savoury pancake that has been stuffed with double cheese, topped with a runny sunny side up egg, serve aside mixed greens, roasted vine tomatoes, pork sausages and avocado.

All Day Cheese Pancake Brunch
雙重芝士班戟, 牛油果, 豬肉腸, 太陽蛋, 烤蕃茄

Double-cheese Homemade Pancake, Avocado, Pork Bratwurst (premium sausage), Sunny-side-up & Grilled Tomatoes
雙重芝士班戟, 牛油果, 豬肉腸, 太陽蛋, 烤蕃茄

Maple Syrup

Aside from souffle pancake, sometimes we just want a stack of simple but fluffy American pancakes 🙂

3rd Space
Address: G/F, 16 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan
Telephone: 5791 7536
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 10:00-18:00
Website: /

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