Based in Hong Kong.
Content Creator, Influencer, Food Photographer.


Initially recognized as the blogger of Spot The Food, Andre created this personal sharing platform in 2015 to share her love for food and photography to her many followers. Now renamed as “AN豬”, short form / Chinglish pronunciation of “A-N-D-R-E”, is the nickname that her boyfriend likes to call her everyday.

What Is Her Favourites?

Andre’s favorite food is ice cream, but she also enjoys “kakigori”, Japanese shaved ice, and tiramisu very much. She is also a big fan of sushi and Peking duck.

For Andre, food is about bonding with your loved ones. It makes her happy to be able to share a delicious meal with the important people in her life, especially her mom, with whom she explores many beautiful restaurants, and shares sophisticated dishes.
She is without a doubt her biggest supporter, always making sure that she stays healthy and full. Her food posts are a reminder of all the wonderful meals and conversations she’s shared with these important people.


If you have any enquiries, please email her.
She is always on the lookout for collaboration opportunities.